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All About ...
Increasing Powerball & Lotto Texas
To 3 Draws Per Week - A Lousy Idea


So They're Increasing Powerball &
Lotto Texas To 3 Draws Per Week

- Opinions by Dawn Nettles, Publisher of The Lotto Report -

So far, I haven't heard from anyone who is in favor of additional
Powerball and Lotto Texas draws. And of course, this includes me.
Ya'll have had lots of comments and questions with the main question,
"How can we stop them?"

Answer: There's only ONE way ... that is to NOT support the
Monday draws. In other words, don't buy Lotto TX or
Powerball on Monday's NO matter what. Boycott them.

I know what you're thinking and so do they ... in fact, they are
banking on their knowledge that players are completely unable to
resist the temptation to buy tickets when the jackpots are enormous.

They're banking on two things to save them ...
1) the jackpots will grow a little faster with the 3 draws
per week. This will result in wide spread press coverage
when the jackpots reaches a billion dollars. The extensive
press coverage entices player spending. They want
$1.2 billion in draw sales instead of $20 million to
$500 million as the jackpot grows. 2) They believe that
players fear that if they don't play, their numbers will
be drawn. This is what keeps them playing and
spending excessively.

How many times have you spent too much, lost all that
you spent and your number weren't drawn??? (I really
know this answer because I follow the money.)

In short, players are falling prey to the lotteries who
are unscrupulously causing pipe dreams, unrealistic
hopes and fantasies among the players. All this so
the lottery can make more money for themselves.

In my opinion, this is nothing short of plain ole highway
robbery. The lotteries are taking advantage of you which
is sinful, immoral, corrupt and shameless. IF consumer
laws applied to lotteries, they wouldn't be able to sell
you worthless products in the manner in which they do.

And they wouldn't be able to feed you a line of BS -
you know, promote such things as ... "Monday's Just
Got Better,
" Monday's Are Getting a Boost,"
"More Chances to Win" etc. (I could go on but
won't) This is propaganda - The truth is, "Monday's
Just Got Too Expensive,
" "Monday's Are Financial
Nightmares - Players Are Spending Money They
Can't Afford,
" "Monday's - More Chances To Lose,"
& "Monday's Mean More Money For the States."

Just so you know ... behind closed doors, they call you
suckers and idiots. They say, "they'll buy anything if we
convince them they could win something.
" I heard
this myself many years ago.

I think its sad that our elected officials allow
lotteries to screw their constituents. But we have
dishonest legislators too. They don't care.

Now that I've been blunt ... let's look at the facts and
see if I can
convince you to BOYCOTT/PROTEST the
additional draws. It would be in your best interest IF
you OPPOSE the additional draws like you say you do.

But First, I Have An Very Important
Clarification or Tidbit To Share ...

I have heard Texas Lottery Director Gary Grief
say on numerous occasions - to the Commissioners
and our Elected Officials - that the Texas Lottery can't control
changes made by MUSL so the TLC has to go agree if they
want to sell the game. Folks, this is not true. MUSL's rules,
game formats, odds, prizes, service fee and the such are
by the Lottery Directors from all 48 jurisdictions.
They have Committees where they discuss and agree
on changes to the games, even new games, then
MUSL implements what the Directors tell them to do.
The Lottery Directors use MUSL to be the BAD guys.

Here's Why 3 Draws Per Week Is A Bad Plan

In all the years you've been playing either game, would you say that
you've won more than you've lost? Would you say that you won
something every draw? Would you say that you play these games to win
$2, $3, $4, $10? Are you happy with the low tier prizes offered in the game?

For 99.9% of you, the answer to the above questions is NO. The
reason you bought PB or Lotto TX tickets was because you saw
"$5 Million," $20 Million," $50 Million," $100 Million," $300 Million,"
"$750 Million," $1 Billion," and finally, you saw $1.5 Billion."
And you honestly believed it was your lucky day but after you
over spent ($1.2 billion for one drawing), you found out that
it wasn't your lucky day after all.

As for your hopes of winning the "jackpot" in either game,
99.999% will never win it. The lotteries have insured you
lose by giving you an un-winnable game to play - there's
far more winning combinations than tickets sold.
Therefore, one can easily conclude the jackpot
most likely will not be won very often.

Lotto Texas
There's 26 million combinations yet they start a roll
by selling an est 950,000 tickets and the number of tickets
sold increases slightly with each draw in the roll. Hardly
enough combinations sold to generate a winner!
(FYI - Lotto Texas just had its 22nd drawing in the
current roll and they only sold 1.2 million tickets)

Lotto Texas Jackpot Winners.htm
(Click Link - See recap of all Lotto Texas Wins)
(Out of approx 104 draws per year):
*2021 (68 draws) - ONLY 5 jackpots won - 126 million tickets sold
2020 - ONLY 3 jackpots won - 115.1 million tickets sold
2019 - ONLY 4 jackpots won -108.7 million tickets sold
2018 - ONLY 3 jackpots won - 114.8 million tickets sold
2017 - ONLY 6 jackpots won - 112.6 million tickets sold
2016 - ONLY 5 jackpots won - 120.5 million tickets sold

- NOTE -
The tickets sold is FY sales - not calendar year.
The winners shown are calendar years - 104 draws per year

There's 292 million combinations yet the roll starts out by
selling only 10 million tickets and increases slightly with
each draw in the roll.

(Out of approx 104 draws per year):
*2021 (68 draws) - 4 jackpots won
2020 - ONLY 7 jackpots won
2019 - ONLY 7 jackpots won
2018 - ONLY 8 jackpots won
2017 - ONLY 7 jackpots won
2016 - ONLY 7 jackpot won

Powerball Jackpot Winners.pdf
(When you review this list of winners, be
sure to note how many draws in each roll

*As of this writing on 8/22/21

- Just FYI -
Between Jan 1 through Aug 16, 2021, ONLY 125 tickets
matched 5 out of 6 numbers
. Yet they sold 1,322,011,532
tickets (notice this is billions) and sales were $2,644,003,064.

Folks this is REALLY, REALLY bad and you spend $2 per ticket.
All players are disgusted after every draw but the next day, everyone
gets up and thinks, "I'll win the next draw." But it doesn't happen.
Then you end up buying more tickets hoping you'll win but you still don't.
Now I'm not really trying to be so negative - I'm trying to wake you up.
They are PURPOSELY selling you a product that will NOT give you
hundreds of millions of dollars but they are using those figures to
entice your dreams and your spending. When ya'll spend $1 billion
buying lottery tickets for ONE draw, REMEMBER, the lotteries
keep HALF of it. They keep half of all monies spent on all draws.

The Motive For 3 Draws Per Week
This $1 billion spent for one draw is why the Lotteries want
3 draws per week. Sales have fallen so badly that they can't
build the jackpots they need to entice this kind of spending.


Interesting Tidbits
Texas began playing Powerball in 2010 and so far,
there's here's only been TWO players who won
the jackpot and one had to split it 3 ways.

Multi Play Purchases
I don't think they have put new playslips in the stores.
This means IF you play Multi Play, then you will
be playing on Monday because you can't mark
which draws you want to play. So ... BEWARE.

Director Grief Obviously Knows
The 3 Draws Are Going to Fail

I drew this conclusion because of the rule changes
for both Powerball and Lotto Texas. As everyone
should know, rules should be very specific but
they changed Lotto Texas and Powerball to be
vague in my opinion. I say this because the rule
was changed to say ....

"The proposed amendment to §401.305 provides that
Lotto Texas drawings will occur on the days and at times
specified by the Commission's executive director, which may
be days or times other than Wednesday and Saturday
at 10:12 p.m., as the rule currently provides.

Yep ... Mr. Grief has a freehand to QUIT 3 draws weekly
for Lotto Texas anytime he wants. So, if you want changes to
Lotto Texas, QUIT playing it and they'll make the changes.
Speak with your MONEY.


- A New Game - Double Play -
But Not A TX Game

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